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World famous brand screw type compressor equipped with the high-efficiency-copper tube condenser and evaporator, together with famous brand control components so as to ensure the small size, low noise, small vibration, large energy, long service life and convenient operation. Elegant design, excellent reliability and high-quality performance make it outstanding in the refrigeration field.
Features of the compressor

~World famous brand new type and high-efficient screw-rotor compressor, with efficiency 20%~30% higher than those common ones. It has obtained several patents of Europe and Americacountries and passed the international quality certification of ISO9001.

~High efficiency 5-to-6 rotor profile patent.

~Capacity control apply to four-step (100%-75%-50%-25%),three-step (100%-66%-33%) and no step control system.

~With 11 bearings and a balance piston against axial thrust. This extends longer bearings life 2.5 to 3.5 times than traditional design.

~Designed with efficient silicon steel and special slots , and equipped with the inside and outside all around design to cool the flow channel so to ensure maximum efficiency of the compressor motor under any load.

~Built-in oil pressing system ensure compressor maintaining the optimal lubricity without oil pump.

~High efficiency double filtration oil separator ensures maximun heat exchage.

~Efficient, low noise and small vibration.

~Various options of refrigerants, R22, environment-friendly R134A, R407C etc.

~All-wave compressor volume ratio(Vi=2.2/2.6/3.0/3.5) for selection to avoid the extra energy consumption caused by over or under compression.

Technical parameter


1.Nominal cooling capacity calculated according to:

Inlet/outlet chilled fluid temperature : 12/7. Inlet/outlet cooling air temperature: 30/40.

2. Working condition:

The temperature range of chilled fluid is from 5 to 30.Temperature difference between inlet

and outlet chilled fluid is from 3 to 8.

It is better to run the chiller while the ambient temperature at or below 35.

Temperature difference between inlet and outlet cooling air is 8 to 10.

The above red parameters is for the particular voltage, which need to made accordingly. We

reserve the right to modify the above information without further notice.

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