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The main spindle oil cooling of CNC surface Grinding Machine, high-speed CNC lathe,CNC oil-hydraulic machine, CNC water engraving machine.

1. Keep main spindle at lowest temperature and guarantee precision.

2. Prevent master machine from oxidization, oil vibration, keep oil viscocity and pressue.

3. Precise temperature control, +/-1.

4. Original USA and Japan compressor, safe protectioin inside, low noise, energy saving and durable.

5. Italian oil pump, high efficiency and durable.

6. Complete safe protection device, intelligent fault indication, buzzer alarm, provides signal output port, online intelligent control.

7. Perfect safe protection and fault indication system, buzzer alarm while the unit works abnormally.

8. Easy operation panel, good appearance and design.

Technical parameter


1.The cooling capacity is according to :

Oil temperature: 30/25. Inlet /Outlet cooling air temperature 30/40.

2.Working range:

The temperature range of oil is from 20 to 45.

It is better to use while the ambient temperature is from 10 to 45 .

The above red parameters is for the particular voltage, which need to made accordingly.

If have any special requirements, please specify when placing the order.

We reserve the right to modify the above information without further notice.

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