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AC series industrial water chillers are widely used in industries, including plastic & rubber machinery, electroplating, pharmacy, chemical engineering, ultrasonic cooling and printing. They can precisely control temperature in any process requiring water cooling, and greatly improve the efficiency and quality of production.Anges industrial water chiller with simple operation, reasonable design, high quality and hundreds of specifications, is an indispensable companion of modern industrial production.
Features and functions
1.Imported American and Japanese brand new compressors featuring built-in safety protection, low noise, low electricity consumption, increased reliability & longer life.

2.SCHNEIDER electric components ensure the stable operation and long service life.

3.Imported Italian famous brand water pump, large flow, high efficiency and long lasting service life.

4.Imported precise digital display temperature controller is provided to precisely control water temperature with variation of 1.Temperature can be set in the range from 5 to 50.

5.Fully stainless steel thick water-tank-type evaporator is integrated with the built-in automatic water replenishing device for quick and convenient cleaning and maintenance.

6.The condenser of the water cooled unit is shell-and-tube type, with inner thread copper tube and reasonable design, the effect of heat exchanging is good. The condenser of the air cooled chiller unit is made of aluminum fins and row column tubes to guarantee the high efficiency of heat exchange.

7.Static plastic spraying enclosure with aesthetic design, elegant appearance, convenient operation and maintenance.

Technical parameter:

1.Nominal cooling capacity calculated according to:
Inlet/outlet chilled fluid temperature : 12/7. Inlet/outlet cooling air temperature: 30/38.
2.Working condition:
The temperature range of chilled fluid is from 5 to 35. Temperature difference between inlet
and outlet chilled fluid is from 3 to 8.
It is better to run the chiller while the ambient temperature at or below 35.The above red
parameters is for the particular voltage, which need to made accordingly. We reserve the right to
modify the above information without further notice.
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